Jandel RM3000+ Test Unit

Jandel Engineering Limited offers the RM3000+ for use in making four point probe measurements. The RM3000+ can supply constant currents between 10nA and 100mA, and measure voltages from 0.001mV to 1000mV.

For sheet resistance measurements the quoted range is 1 milliohm/square to 1 x 108 ohms/square. Measurements outside this range are possible but with possible reduced accuracy.

For volume (bulk) resistivity measurements the quoted range is 1 milliohm.cm to 1 x 106 ohm.cm. Measurements outside of this range may be possible but will depend on sample type e.g. whether the sample is a thin layer or a volume sample.

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    Measurement range1 mohm/square - 100 Megohms/square, 1 mohm.cm - 1 Megohm.cm
    UnitsmV ohm/square ohm.cm (wafers) ohm.cm (volume) ohms
    Onboard Memory50 time-stamped measurements
    SoftwareFor operation and data control. Supplied free of charge
    AutorangeDetermines appropriate current settings
    Current10nA - 100mA. Reversible to verify contact and measurement
    AccuracyBetter than 0.1% against resistors for 100nA and greater
    ConnectionsUSB or RS-232
    CorrectionOption to input correction factor to adjust displayed readings
    Ohm.cmOption to input probe spacing or wafer thickness for auto calculation

    Unit selection

    Measurements can be displayed on screen as mV, ohms/square, ohm.cm or ohms. There is a facility to input either probe spacing or wafer thickness so that ohm.cm values can be automatically calculated and displayed.

    Computer connection and software

    The RM3000+ can be connected to computer by either USB or RS-232 connection. The customer can operate the unit using the computer keyboard, terminal emulation software such as HyperTerminal, or with the free software provided.

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    Product FAQs

    Who is Jandel Engineering Ltd?
    Jandel Engineering was established in 1967. Prior to founding Jandel Engineering, Managing Director John Clark worked for A & M Fell in London. It was at this company that the first commercially available four point probe head, the 'Fell' probe head, was designed by John Clark and a colleague. Since this original design many improvements have been introduced.
    Who makes Jandel's probes?
    Experts! All probe heads are made by experienced engineers with a minimum of five years intensive training. Some of our probe builders can boast over 20 years experience.
    What are 'ohms per square'?
    The unit of measurement when measuring the resistance of a thin film of a material using the four point probe technique. It is equal to the resistance between two electrodes on opposite sides of a theoretical square. The size of the square is unimportant and so strictly the measurement is in ohms, however ohms/square distinguishes measurement of a thin sheet from measurement of, for instance, a wire.
    What are 'ohms-centimetre'?
    The unit of measurement when measuring the bulk or volume resistivity of thick or homogeneous materials such as bare silicon wafers or silicon ingots, using the four point probe technique.