Jandel Stability Shroud

Jandel Engineering Limited supplies a small stability shroud which is removable and attaches to the probe as a push fit, so that it is in place as shown
in the image.

When placing the probe head onto a sample the needles should be brought into contact perpendicular to the sample, and there should be no lateral movement of the probe head once it is in contact with the sample to avoid damage to the needles.

Jandel four point probe heads are high precision instruments using jewel guided bearings. The Tungsten Carbide needles are extremely hard so that the probe head can be used many times with minimal wear. However, the needles are also thin and therefore fragile. Needles for 1.00mm+ spacing probes are 0.4mm diameter. Needles for 0.635mm or 0.500mm spacing probes are 0.3mm and therefore require extra care.

For these reasons we recommend against holding the probe heads by hand but the shroud is offered as a solution where it is unavoidable.

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