Jandel Specialist Probes

Jandel manufactures some specialist probe heads for less common applications and sometimes to an individual customer's specification. Some of our less common probes are found below.

Jandel Macor four point probe

The Jandel Macor Probe head is suitable for use in a wide range of temperatures - approximately -190C to 300C (around 80K to 600K).
The high temperature is given for measurement in an oven. It is possible to measure samples are higher temperature where the sample is heated using a hotplate and the contact time with the sample is not excessive.

Macor Probe data sheet

Jandel High Vacuum four point probe

The Jandel High Vacuum Probe head is an adapted cylindrical probe head
The high vacuum probe has no blind holes, minimial solder and is unanodised

High Vacuum Probe data sheet

Jandel Hall Effect four point probe

The Jandel Hall Effect Probe has a lower profile than our standard probes (around 18mm).
The probe has the required square layout (only available in 2mm spacing square array). However please note that we offer only the probe, we do not offer the magnets or mountings for a complete system.

Hall Probe data sheet

Jandel Very Close Spacing probe

This probe uses a staggered jewel arrangement in order to acheive probe spacing of 0.500mm spacing.
The picture to the left compres a 'standard' 1.591mm spacing probe with the 0.500mm spacing probe
This probe can be used for probing close to sample edges or where a sample has very small dimensions.

Very close spacing probe data sheet

Jandel custom probes

We have produced various probes to customer specifications including three, four, five and six point probes.
If you require something out of the ordinary we would be pleased to discuss what options might be available as a solution.

Custom probe heads